The Archie Project – dementia awareness

The Archie Project is an exciting intergenerational dementia awareness project that links local primary schools, care homes/ sheltered housing schemes, businesses/ services and community members to ultimately dispel the fear and stigma often associated with dementia and create more dementia friendly communities.

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archie for dementia help


The project has been enjoyed by all of the children at St Peter’s First School from Years 1 – Year 4. They thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as scarecrows for the day and making a life-sized Archie! The project has heightened their awareness of the mental health condition dementia.

Senior Teacher,  St Peter’s

The children have enjoyed using the workbooks and have grown quite fond of Archie. Having a character like Archie for the children to relate to has helped make the project more meaningful for the children. Senior Teacher Old Cleeve C of E First School
A great opportunity to develop a better understanding of dementia and to show children what they can do to help.

Maths Teacher, Danesfield

Feedback from the children;

Because I learned about Alzheimer’s I realised my granddad should go to the doctors because he had some of the symptoms and we found out he did have dementia

student, Danesfield

Just because they have dementia it doesn’t mean we should treat them differently

student, Danesfield

Puts dementia in a more understandable way, whilst still getting the point across

student, Danesfield

It was fun and interactive – very entertaining yet serious

student, Danesfield

Watch these videos to find out more about The Archie Project