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Respite Activity Sessions

Providing respite activities in Wellington, with the over all aim of supporting carers and those they care for,

including those with memory problems and dementia.

Monday - Wednesday - 9:30am to 3:30pm

A safe, comfortable, welcoming environment with a team of dedicated, qualified staff, led by an Occupational Therapist.

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Forest School

Award winning sessions for people with Memory Impairment.

Thursdays 10am - 2pm at Otterhead Forest School

(8 miles from Wellington)

Weekly intergenerational sessions

Woodwork, craft work, gardening, woodland walks

Light lunch over an open fire

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Do you know someone with memory impairment who would be interested in joining these sessions, with their carer?

We aim to provide a rich learning environment in which individuals are encouraged and inspired to grow in confidence, self-esteem and independence through mastery of achievable tasks in an outdoor setting.

The Archie Project

The Archie Project is an intergenerational dementia awareness project that links primary schools, care homes, sheltered housing schemes, business/services and community members to ultimately create dementia friendly communities.

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“It gives children an opportunity to develop caring attitudes” Angela Rippon CBE, Patron

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Activity Angels

Individual Activity Sessions planned, delivered and evaluated to suit individual needs

• Reminiscence

• Flexercise

• Cooking

• Lifestory work

• Armchair Travel

• Music & Fun

• Arts & Crafts

• 1:1 or in groups

Would you like an Activity Angel to visit your home or day centre?

From £90.00

(morning or afternoon)

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Community Sessions

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Carer Support Groups

Weekly Zoom meetings with a member of the 
Reminiscence Learning team and family carers in the community.

Creating a support network.

Discussing difficulties you may be facing, coping strategies, and many other topics.

I am so thankful for the two weekly carers group zoom meetings hosted by Reminiscence Learning. One is a lighthearted get together where we just have fun to take our minds off any worries for a short time. The second is more serious where we can share things that are troubling us in confidence, in a safe, secure place. We seem to have been in lockdown forever, but these friendly carers group meetings are very special and it is so good to have other people to talk too.


Training Courses and Workshops


Courses and workshops designed for you


• All our courses to be run in-house or at Reminiscence Learning upon request 


• Online training available


• Please ask about group booking discounts


• Bespoke courses to suit your individual needs are also available

Free Toolbox Talks

Dementia Awareness Workshop


A brief session looking at types of dementia, everyday problems, and how to recognise symptoms.


Cost & times: 45 - 60mins

We are happy to deliver this for free locally, but we ask for a donation to Reminiscence Learning.


Activity Courses

Max. 15 people per group

Introduction to Reminiscence

A one-day workshop for those who would like to gain a basic understanding of what reminiscence is all about. Exploring the use of the 5 senses in relation to reminiscence work and how the sense can aid memory recall.

Cost: £50 per person or £295 per group

One day course

Activity Organisers Induction Course 

A practical day for both new activity organisers and those with experience who need a refresher. An opportunity to plan effective programmes with increased knowledge and confidence and network with others who deliver activities. 

Cost: £50 per person or £295 per group

One day course

Creative Activities for People with Dementia 

Join us for an interactive day exploring different activities for people with dementia, looking at purposeful and specific activities designed to meet the needs of individuals at the different stages of dementia.

Cost: £50 per person or £295 per group

One day course

Dementia Awareness Courses

Max. 15 people per group

Butterfly Moments 

Enable all your staff to engage with residents throughout the whole of their working day. Simple and inclusive ideas and engaging moments you can use with those you care for, anywhere, anytime.

This course includes a "Butterfly Moments" badge. 

Cost: £30 per person or £175 per group

Half day course

I Can Make A Difference 

Putting the person with dementia at the centre of everything you do. Link into the core needs of the person with dementia and to look at situations, not think of problems but solutions. 


This course includes “I Can Make A Difference” handbook. 

Cost: £50 per person or £295 per group

One day course

Positive Effective Communication (PEC) 1 & 2 

PEC 1 - Understand an approach for managing behaviour we may find difficult, concentrating on observation, listening and change, to reduce staff stress. 

PEC 2 - Learn conversational techniques to enhance your communication skills with people with dementia to diffuse behaviour triggers, looking at the individual needs of those you care for 


Cost: £50 per person or £295 per group

One day course

Dementia The Facts

A practical and interactive session looking in detail at the symptoms, types and everyday problems.

The brain & behaviour - which part of the brain is responsible, how it might feel to have dementia and how to maintain a state of wellbeing. 


Cost: £50 per person or £295 per group

One day course 

Please Don’t Forget About Me 

Activities for the late stage dementia and end of life. Understanding the benefits for not just the individual but also for the carer and family. 

This course includes “Please don’t forget about me” handbook. 


Cost: £50 per person or £295 per group

One day course 

Accredited Courses

Creative Activity Therapist (CAT) - Level 2 

Consists of 3 modules: Dementia Awareness, Reminiscence - Provide support for therapy sessions, Contribute to supporting group care activities


A 3 day practical training course per module. Each module contributes towards the NOCN Level 2 Diploma in Care. Complete all 3 modules to become a Creative Activity Therapist (CAT). Each module stands alone as its own qualification. 


Opportunity to progress onto Level 3 (TOP CAT)


Cost:  £195 per person, per module

(Includes all training, registration accreditation and certificate costs)



The Opportunity to Progress: 

Advanced Creative Activity Therapist -

Level 3 

The opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills, and progress your learning in Reminiscence, Activities and Dementia


Understand a range of conditions that commonly affect individuals in later life.


Understand the impact of positive initiatives in dementia care.


Understand the importance of positive interactions using reminiscence with individuals.


Understand the impact of planning appropriately adapted activities.

Cost:  £195 per person

(Includes all training, registration accreditation and certificate costs)